Step1. Materials


Please get ready of the following materials before upgrade

  1. A MatataBot
  2. A iPhone (ios11 or upper system)

Step2: Download MatataCode App on you Phone.


Please scan the UR code to download or go to AppStore and search "MatataCode" to download.

Note: It only support iOS system now.

Step3: Turn on MatataCode

Step4. Turn on the MatataBot


Step5. Follow the steps on GIF


On the App: Click "Upgrade" --- Click "Search" --- Click "MatataBot" (or matatalab) which is the device detedcted --- Click "Ready" --- Click "Search" again --- Click "mdfubot" (or MataDfu) which is the device detedcted, then start to DFU upgrade


You will hear a cheer sound and some blinks of the LED eyes of MatataBot after the upgrade is finished.