Step1. Materials


Please get ready of the following materials before upgrade

  1. ST-Link cable (Click to buy)
  2. A MatataBot
  3. A Win10-PC
  4. A iPhone (ios11 or upper system)

Step2. Turn on the MatataBot

Step3. Connect the MatataBot using the ST-Link cable

Attention! Please connect in the way the picture shown, otherwise, the upgrade software will fail to detect your MatataBot

Step4. Connect the MatataBot to the PC through the ST-Link cable


Connect the other side of the ST-Link cable to the PC

Step5. Download and set up MatataBotUpgrade.exe

Please click the following icon to download


Step6. Decompress and start the program (Please right click and choose "Run as administrator")




Step7. Click "Update" to start

**A Special Case: If you fail, you need to set up extra drive. Shown as follow:


Note: The above process will only need to operate for once. There will be no need for ST-Link and PC for the future upgrade. All will be needed is the APP upgrade process for the following steps.


Step8: Download MatataCode App on you Phone.

Please scan the UR code to download or go to AppStore and search "MatataCode" to download.

Note: It only support iOS system now.


Step9: Turn on MatataCode

Step10. Follow the steps on GIF

On the App: Click "Upgrade" --- Click "Search" --- Click "MatataBot" (or matatalab) which is the device detedcted --- Click "Ready" --- Click "Search" again --- Click "mdfubot" (or MataDfu) which is the device detedcted, then start to DFU ungrade


You will hear a cheer sound and some blinks of the LED eyes of MatataBot after the upgrade is finished.